• Complex services for gaming industry

Awagon Entertainment s.r.o. operates at the field of services provided for game indie game developers, studios and publishers. In addiction of consulting, and management services (agency, optimization, marketing, development, analysis), Awagon develops, operates and provides own tools, solutions and platforms simplifiying games development, monetization, distribution, tracking, piracy protection and marketing in compliance of legislation standards. Shortly, Awagon helps developers to develop games cheaper and get higher revenue. These servies are provided via 2 Awagon divissions:


Complex services for developers, studios, agencies and publishers.


Social gaming platform connecting developers with players.


Awagon Entertainment s.r.o.
Videnska 561/16,
Olomouc, Czechia.
VAT: CZ04392477

Ing. VladimĂ­r Nepor, Ceo
[email protected]